Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My First House Icon

I'm so proud.

Image hosted by

Please do NOT steal. I will be happy to make you your own, especially if you provide a picture.


Sanlin said...

Good on ya, hon. :-) Great work. :-)

I've just started playing around with photos and screen caps at my photo bucket site... Nothing fancy, just for fun. :-) Something to keep my hands and brain busy until my Muses show up, again, and my brain doesn't feel like it's stuffed with cotton...


PipTook said...

Thanks Sanlin!

Yeah, I haven't done image editing in years. I'm having to reaquaint myself with Photoshop.

Sorry to hear you have Cotton Brain. I've been there and it is NO FUN. Hopefully it'll clear up soon!

Saskia said...

I assume you'd like me to not say anything about you having cotton brain? Even as easy as you make it.

Sanlin said...

Say what you like, Saskia... But, fear me! Fear me and my penchant for exquisitely vengeful wrath and woeful retribution that will follow you from this world to the next like all the plagues of Egypt... *Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...* Oh, sorry... I think I was 'channeling Vogler' for a second, there... ;-) *ewwww* I hope that *never* happens again! ;-P

Sanlin ;-)

Saskia said...

oooh, dirty.

But she does have cotton brain...apparently. *pokes at pip for next snippet of fic*


PipTook said...


Good lord - I leave my blog for two days and see what happens? I should have NEVER given Saskia the link.

Saskia said...


Nope. Giving me the link was moronic. ;)