Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Live Blog of "Occam's Razor"

8:59 - I have no plans to blog a rerun
9:00 - The sex scene warning amuses me.
9:02 - Amusement turns to disbelief at the edited sex scene and I run for Blogspot. I don't know why it bugs me, but I find it completely unnecessary, especially with the warning. This edited version didn't even NEED a warning.
9:06 - Hee. House has said "testicles" two weeks in a row. Drink?
9:09 - "I could run home" "No you couldn't." HAHAHAHAHA
9:10 - Waiting Room speech. SO glad I now have this on tape.
9:19 - I could see having to wait a while on a test for sinus infection, but a thyroid test is pretty damn fast to not wait for results before treating. At least, I always get mine quickly.
9:28 - Chase's expression during Cameron's sex speech SLAYS me.
9:30 - Having air force-blown on my naked body does NOT strike me as a pleasant experience. However, with Chase next to me...
9:45 - "Page Dr. Occam." *LOL*
9:48 - I'm not a doctor, but why is Foreman, a NEUROLOGIST, running a heart catheter?
9:52 - I forgot how much Vicodin House pops in these early episodes.
9:56 - Love the pharmacist's expression while House is tearing apart the pharmacy.


Anonymous said...

Good question on Foreman with the cath. Shoulda let Chase do it. Foreman isn't as nimble with the procedures as he thinks he is.

But then, if Chase had done it, he would have succeeded, and then Brandon would have had the surgery, and...

There's a lot of testing issues with this ep. Like House having to suggest getting a CBC with Foreman? Come on, they probably would have ordered those to be drawn routinely.

House said...
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Robert Chase, M.D. said...

sorry, mate, that was me -- didn't notice House's identity up there. Oh, and auditrix says to tell you she wrote the first comment. And she's right, I should have done it, but Foreman needed the practice.

PipTook said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, proof that Auditrix is SO on the special crack.

Sanlin said...

LOL *g*

I second the drinking game addition: whenever House says "nads," "penis" or "testicles," finish your drink. LOL

Cuddy and House snark... always fun. *g* Also loved the "Great Wall of China" scene between Wilson and House. :-)

I think the Waiting Room speech is one of my favorite scenes they've ever filmed for the show. It deserves it's own special, shiny shrine of worshipful goodness. LOL

Cam got Chase soooo good. LOL If the lad could have gnawed off his own paw to escape, like a trapped animal, I think he would have... LOL Then, awwwww, he's 'shot down in flames' at the end when Cam won't go out with him. LOL Poor Chase, he's got it bad... LOL

And, yes, House on a mission... doesn't matter that the patient is saved/cured, he won't stop until he's solved the case. And, yeah, Wilson's sooooo 'well adjusted.' *cough* LOL