Saturday, March 12, 2005


mood: crabby
last night's sleep rating: C-


Yeah, I stole Auditrix's format. She can come up here and sue me. ;-)

Item 1: I am woken up at 8:00 after not getting to bed till 2:30 by contractors installing hardwood floors in the next-door apartment. Not the nice "just snap them together" Pergo floors but the good ol' "cut and nail down each floorboard" wood floors. Table fucking saw? Check. Hammer? Check. They couldn't do this, say, DURING THE WORK WEEK? (And I know they're not because I get home as early as 3:30 and not a peep.)

Item 2: I am unable to procure tickets for the second round of U2 concerts in Boston because two shows sell out in TEN GODDAMN MINUTES. What, are they offering twelve seats per show?

Item 3: I type out this entire post and Blogger eats it. FUCK YOU, BLOGGER!

*head explodes*


Auditrix said...

Condolences, and no lawsuit. I had problems with Blogger eating posts too -- I lost a nice chunk of part 3. I've been copying to Notepad files lately.

Sanlin said...

{{{{PipTook and Aud}}}}


PipTook said...

Oh God, I'm so sorry to hear that, Aud. And here I was about to harass you for not posting part 3 yet. *LOL*