Thursday, February 10, 2005

Writing Exercise

Well, I've been having trouble stirring up the muse lately, so I'm doing the old time-honored writing exercise of forcing myself to babble for five minutes without stopping. Let's see. It's FREEZING cold in the office today despite being a relatively warm 37 out. We were supposed to get a foot of snow but overnight they changed it to maybe an inch once it became appearant that it wasn't going to get cold enough for snow. The joys of coastal Boston.

Psyched for next week's episode of House. I never thought I'd see myself wanting to skip through a weekend, but I can't wait for Tuesday. Of course, Tuesday is also when I get to call my doctor and (hopefully) have my meds adjusted. So a good day all around, potentially.

Okay, the health thing since I keep bitching about it and it's (unfortunately) what's come to my mind during this exercise. I have autoimmune thyroid disease, called Hashimoto's. Basically my body attacks this neat little gland in your neck, eventually killing it completely. Usually all you do is take replacement horomone - no biggie. Unfortunately I only feel good if my levels are JUST SO. I'm talking the top 75% percentile of the "normal" range.

So I feel GREAT as long as my levels stay there. The minute they dip - craptacular. The only difficult part is getting doctors to realize that just cause my tests come out normal means they're optimal for ME. So on Tuesday I'm calling my endocrinologist and PRAYING he ups my Synthroid. Since my last labs were "normal" it's far from a guarantee.

And...that's five minutes. And I wish something BESIDES health issues had come out. But them's the rules of the game: you think it, you write it.

Next post: House Goodness. I promise.

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Sanlin said...

Hope you get the meds you need on Tuesday, hon. Wish it was sooner for you. {{{{PipTook}}}}

I know what it's like fighting for/against meds and treatment for various health issues. My fights usually go the other way, though--I ix-nay some meds my doc wants to put me on because of the debilitating side-effects. (This is a guy who gets excited about the free 'wall charts' pharmaceutical companies hand out along with all their 'free samples.' LOL) He's such a 'pill pusher,' I have to stifle my urge to "Quack!" loudly whenever I see him. LOL But, he is good about tests and things like that, and he *will* get any meds a person could ever need (and a lot a person would never *want* LOL).

Be good to yourself until you can get to your doc, okay? {{{{PipTook}}}}