Sunday, February 13, 2005

When Saskia and I Work Together...Scary!

Saskia and I working on a joint House fic. The challenge? House and Cuddy wake up in bed together after a drunken night. It's not done yet, but in the meantime we were coming up with horrible titles for the story. Here's the fallout: (I've highlighted my favorites in red.)

"What Do You Do With a Drunken Coworker?" ~ Pip
"Oh God, tell me we didn't" ~ Saskia
"Let's Never Discuss This Again" ~ Pip
"It Never Happened" ~ Pip
"Seriously, it never happened....a sequel to It Never Happened" ~ Saskia
"And You Thought Mondays Sucked BEFORE" ~ Pip
"I'm drunk, you're drunk, we're all drunk, let's screw" ~ Saskia
"The Boss Sucks. Literally." ~ Pip"
"I know what you did last night...""No you don't, you were drunk"" ~ Saskia
"You talk and you die" ~ Saskia
"Beauty and the Bastard" ~ Pip
"Insert A into B" ~ Saskia
"The Boss is REALLY Riding Me Hard Today" ~ Pip
"Screw you! Oh wait...I did that last night" ~ Saskia
"Girls have cooties. Now come on and blow me" ~ Saskia
"You took riding lessons as a kid, didn't you?" ~ Saskia
"You know your day's gonna suck when..." ~ Saskia
"Your NIGHT sucked. In a GOOD way." ~ Pip
"Hard at Work" ~ Pip
"Milk it" ~ Saskia
"The tale of the big stick and the little hole: how they overcame their problem" ~ Saskia
"Dr House...? Or Dr Chimney? Or Dr. Highrise?" ~ Both


Sanlin said...

LOL ROTFLOL :-) Obviously, 'a match made in Heaven...' ...or that *other* place. *heeee...* ;-P


PipTook said...

Glad you liked. We're almost done - I'll post it then!