Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Live Blog of "Sports Medicine"

Well, usually I do this with Saskia, but bitch ain't online so...

9:02 - Okay, usually the medical stuff doesn't bug me, but I did NOT need the internal closeup view of the break with sound. Thank GOD I have the theater surround sound system off.

9:05 - What the HELL is House trying to purchase? And I HATE Fox because I KNOW they're gonna run it as a subplot through the whole damn episode.

9:07 - Marathon diagnosing of clinic patients. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

9:11 - "Your lips say no but your prunes say yes." Bwahahaahaha! And...two sips!

9:15 - Okay, my new House drinking game? Lethal. People, consider your livers warned.

9:17 - Addison's. It's no parathyroid condition, but hey - pituitary system. I'm CLOSE. ;-)

9:20 - Ah. Monster Rally tickets. So they DIDN'T make us wait all episode. But...Wilson enjoying a Monster Truck Rally? I just cannot see it.

9:28 - "[House] doesn't have sex. He makes love." HEE. Chase is my new best friend. And...new rule for the drinking game: Every time House having sex is mentioned, FINISH THE DRINK!

9:34 - House asking Cameron to the rally. Dying here!

9:38 - If he takes those pills I'm HURTING someone.

9:40 - Ah. Hallucination.

9:42 - Hank trying to kill himself? Woah.

9:52 - "Who is she sleeping with?" *looks at Cameron* "Please tell me it's you." How do I love House? Let me count the ways.

9:54 - Cadmium poisoning? MORE poisoning? Are you KIDDING me?

9:56 - House in a trucker hat? So, SO cute. And...now we know he's never been married but lived with someone. Someone named...Eileen? (Hi Elizabeth!) And I really hate to say it, but Cameron and House are extremely cute together. Disturbingly so.

9:59 - Wow. Next week looks intense. Nice pustules on the kid.

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Jen said...

Lol! I don't know you so this is probably so very very random, but your blog amuses me and is helping a slow summer day at work go much faster so I had to comment :). And being a recent fan of House and having watched "Sports Medicine" on the comp after the download finished made this post even more enjoyable to read. And reminds me again of way I love this show and need to convert a friend so we make comments like this during viewing.

And, hey, I'm a Boston-based twenty-something gal myself (waving from Allston) who just recently went through her own move, so I understand the whole moving thing. But luckily my office has lots of boxes so I wasn't lacking there ;).