Monday, February 21, 2005

The House Drinking Game

I can't believe this hasn't been done, but here goes:

The House Drinking Game

Take a sip if:
  • A patient seizes.
  • House pops a Vicodin.
  • Cuddy is some double-sided tape away from exploding out of her jacket.
  • Cameron is wearing matching pants and vest.
  • One of House's initial diagnoses is proved wrong.
  • House verbally abuses a clinic patient.
  • The ducklings break into the PotW's house with no apparent legal repercussions.

Take two sips if:

  • House says, "Your lips say no, but your _________ says yes."
  • Cameron is wearing her glasses.
  • A patient seizes at least three times.
  • They finally get the right diagnosis.
  • There is a House/Wilson HoYay! moment that just can't be denied.
  • House plays piano.

Finish the drink if:

  • There's NO seizures in the entire episode.
  • The Patient of the Week dies

Imbibe all available alcohol and ease your pain if:

  • House enters into a relationship with any of the other main characters.
  • House stops taking Vicodin.

Any suggestions for additions would be welcomed. Let's make it IMPOSSIBLE to not cause liver damage no matter the episode. ;-)


Auditrix said...

Take a sip if Foreman starts talking about his academic achievements.

Two sips if he refers to his rough past.

Sanlin said...

Take a sip if:
A patient is poisoned or hallucinates. The Ducklings get paged by House. Wilson strikes a 'hands on hips' pose. There's a CGI shot involving an 'up-the-nose' cam or showing an 'oh-my-gawd-I-didn't-need-to-*see*-that-but-hey-it's-kinda-kewl' graphic. House watches "General Hospital." House plays with one of his 'toys' or distracts himself with a 'fad.' Foreman trash talks House. Cameron or Chase defend House. Wilson or Cuddy do something to support or back up House. House mentions the "clinic" or "clinic duty."

Take two sips if: Anyone mentions hookers or strippers. Wilson lies to House. Wilson talks about "relationships." House drinks Scotch at home. Any character mentions Sweden or something Swedish.


Auditrix said...

oh, take a sip if the patient gets an MRI or has some invasive procedure done on his eyeball.

Sanlin said...

Take a sip (if you can hold it down LOL): Every time there's a scene involving a patient and various 'bodily fluids' (blood, pee, projectile vomiting *yuk* and so on...) *Eeeewwww* LOL In fact, close your eyes/turn your head away and finish the whole drink, if necessary. LOL


Auditrix said...

A sip if...

House cracks a funny and Chase laughs.

The Ducks are gathered in the lab and House finds them there.

The Blair Hippo Project said...

The wife and I tried this game last night; much fun, much drunkenness. Thanks for posting it.

Our own contributions:

-- Two sips if House screws-up the name of the PotW (or PotW's spouse, or kid, or whatever).

-- Finish your drink of House wears his lab coat.

Anonymous said...

Take one sip if House and crew says it might be Lupus.

Finish the drink if it actually is.

Anonymous said...

Take a sip every time they do an LP

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