Saturday, January 29, 2005

I am in Mourning

I was unable to secure tickets for the upcoming U2 concerts. Only in Boston would three U2 concerts sell out in thirty minutes. I should have just put up the forty fucking bucks and subscribed to their website so I could have done the presale.

I shall be hanging a "Scalpers Welcome" sign outside my door.

(Remember, this is "current infatuations." Bono has been an infatuation for fifteen years.)


Auditrix said...

Oh, bummer. I was going to ask if you had been successful :(

Three concerts in thirty minutes. Holy corned beef and cabbage, Batman.

amy said...

wow. 30 minutes? that is really impressive. i was planning in hitting an atlanta show, as i haven't seen U2 since the zooropa tour, but i might not have any luck even getting the tickets.

PipTook said...

Well, definitely TRY for it. Boston's a particularly difficult city to get U2 tickets in. You may not have as many problems.

Kelsrant said...

I feel your pain regarding U2. I too tried (in vain) to get tickets to U2 at the Fleet. There should be a support group or something for all the dejected fans. Anyhow, dont lose hope. I havent. I'll probably end up paying some jerk triple the face value of the tix, but I will get them. Good luck.

PipTook said...

I managed to get a GA ticket for their Elevation tour and was even right against the heart - near the tip. I guess I can't be that lucky TWICE. *G* And - three times the price? Have you SEEN the prices on eBay? It's criminal, I tell you.