Friday, January 28, 2005

House Limericks

Well, due to health issues I'm too distracted to write real fic, so in the meantime here's some limericks to keep you all entertained:

There once a man named Greg
Who only had one good leg.
Whether polite or not
He still was hot
For sex with him I would beg.


Doctor House may be a cripple
But he still has a sexy dimple.
All the girls turn to mush
Because of their crush
On he who likes to belittle.


House gets all the tough cases
But hates to see patient's faces.
Everyone is aware
He's starting to care
Although he still shuns Georgia's embraces.


Auditrix said...

I think I like number 3 the best

Sanlin said...

Fun stuff. LOL :-) {{{{Hugs}}}} for the health issues, and thanks for the grins. :-) Great work on the fanfic, too. :-)